Victoria Secret Marketing Essay

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Executive Summary.
Victoria Secret was formed in 1977 which is considered the fashionable brand has changed the American conception of lingerie and swimsuit. Victoria Secret is preparing to launch a new swimsuit store in Vietnam market in this summer. When surveying the market, Victoria Secret says that they really want to attack women who do not pay attention on their wearing style. After achieving real achievements with the introduction of sexy become an icon, a growing trend of Victoria’s Secret during next time is they will change the image of female beauty. Not simply swimsuits, the way out of the Victoria’s Secret design also feel completely different than the common model swimwear. Specially,
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Product Review. Almost the Victoria Secret products have the impressive logo such as “very sexy” or “so sexy”. Typical colors of Victoria Secret are pink and red. Therefore, products of Victoria Secret are such pink sexy candies.
Famous fashion house Victoria's Secret launched consecutive swimsuit collections with glamorous style contrasting with the desire to show off the beauty that the Creator endowed women.
Victoria Secret swimsuits include bright and unique motifs, striking colors, the cuts present the cleverness and creativeness. They also make the women’s body is more compact and more attractive.
Not simply those normal swimsuits, the way out of the Victoria Secret designs is also completely different than the common swimsuit form. This product is not the same traditional form and daring bikini. It shows a little mystery, a little romance, a little personality mixed sexy, all of them create a stricky unique attractiveness.
The swimsuits not only use elastic fabrics that are traditional materials for swimsuits, the collection of Victoria Secret also use the strange materials which seemed impossible to fit the typical way of swimsuit such as laces, silks and so on. The lace lines runs along the face or the texture embroidered slightly on swimsuits’ body, they will show certainly more the attractive beauty of women.
The perfect stitch is a remarkable feature which builds famous brand, in addition each product includes two or three coat of paper

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