Victims Of Mental Illnesses And Personality Disorders Essay

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Victims of mental illness have been exploited, abused, and stigmatized throughout history. Often misunderstood, individuals suffering from behavioral, personality, mood, and other disabling psychiatric disorders have been the target of infamous horror films, needless imprisonment, and despicable medical and psychiatric institutions. For those of us with mental illnesses, this has created an environment catering to a series of hopeless, paranoid, lonely, and disparaging emotions, stunting our voice and the ability to succeed in western culture. This has formulated and facilitated dangerous stereotypes that poorly affect the way in which communities treat the mentally ill. In pursuance of a different reality, citizens must take responsibility and put efforts forth to redefine the societal perception of alternative thinking processes. Severe mental illnesses and personality disorders, such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder, have played the most prevalent roles in horror films. The plot often proceeds as follows: an escaped mental patient arrives at a nearby cabin where local teenagers go to escape the confines of daily life. In one way or another, each teen is picked off one by one, murdered in cold blood. These films depict victims of mental disorder in ways that create a misunderstanding of their illness and, as a result, precipitate a negative stereotype deriving from fear and hysteria.
A great example is found in the works of Alfred Hitchcock,…

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