Victim, Criminal Homicide, By Marvin E. Wolfgang Essay

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The theory “Victim Precipitation Criminal Homicide” refers to a criminology theory which includes the interaction of the victim with an offender that may contribute to the crime being committed. In the article named “Victim Precipitated Criminal Homicide” by Marvin E. Wolfgang, the summary of the theory described is that many victims involved in criminal homicide because of self-defense and some of the victims were provoked or assaulted before by the offender. Criminal Homicide can be referring in different aspects of provocation by the victim, to cause of the offense from murder to manslaughter, or from criminal to excusable homicide.
The Police Department of Philadelphia investigated the total of victims who were precipitated and the ones who were not precipitated, and the police investigated the reason of committing the crime. Also, the police investigated if those victims were previously arrested because that fact might affect the behavior of the victim. It can be distinguish by four essential results. There must have adequate provocation, the killing must have been in the heat of passion. The other two reasons can be based upon by, the provocation before there had been a reasonable opportunity for the passion to cool. It can have a connection between provocation, the heat of passion, and the homicidal. Among the difference of VP cases and non VP cases, it has a lot to with respect to race, sex, age, etc., reveals some interesting differences and similarities among the…

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