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Vice President Adlai Stevenson: Bio & Quotes
Description: This lesson will cover one of the many Vice Presidents of the 20th century. We will discuss the life of Vice President Adlai Stevenson through some of more famous quotes.
!!!Adlai Stevenson
Adlai Ewing Stevenson was born on October 23, 1835 on his family’s farm in Christian County, Kentucky to Irish immigrant parents. He attended school there until age 16 when the family moved to Bloomington, Illinois after a hard frost killed the family’s tobacco crop. There his father ran a saw mill, where Adlai would work to save money for college.
Stevenson returned to Kentucky to attend Centre College where he met his future wife Letitia Green. Adlai studied law, passed the bar in 1858, and then
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Then he was appointed __First Assistant Post Master__, a low paying but coveted position around the country. The Post Master was a fixture in communities due to being in charge of mail, newspaper, and magazine deliveries. Another role of the Post Master was delivering political party pamphlets, and Stevenson used this role to gain votes for Democrats distributing their materials to voters. Stevenson was well suited to the duties of this position due to his personable character and nature, and earned the nickname ‘Headsman’ for helping to elect 40,000 Democrats who unseated Republicans across the country.
To reward Stevenson, President Cleveland tried to have him appointed to the Supreme Court of D.C., but was blocked by vengeful Republicans. Cleveland would lose his re-election campaign, only to return to the White House four years later. In 1892, when Cleveland regained the Democratic nomination for president, he made Stevenson his running mate.
Politics during the __Gilded Age__ were a mix of many economic and social issues like civil service reform, and the debate surrounding the __gold standard__ or __bimetallism__ to value currency. Stevenson was pro bimetallism which would use both gold and silver to value money in turn placing more money into circulation. Cleveland was pro gold standard which restricted the amount of money in circulation. Together, they balanced the ticket and attracted enough voters to win the Election of 1892.

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