Veterinary Profession And Employment : Westbrook Veterinary Clinic

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The Veterinary Profession and Employment:
Westbrook Veterinary Clinic
As more money than ever before is spent keeping family pets healthy (Oliveira, 2014), and agricultural industries are increasingly contributing to Canada’s gross domestic product (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2015a), the role of veterinarians in society has never been more crucial. The purpose of this report is to inform individuals on the steps to become a veterinarian, what the profession entails, and the wide range of organizations, such as Westbrook Veterinary Clinic, that employ veterinarians.

Main Duties Of A Veterinarian
Veterinarians are highly educated professionals who strive to promote animal health and welfare (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association [ABVMA], 2004). Although the duties that veterinarians perform are broad and dependent on their field of work, the most common are as follows:
• Treating injuries and illness surgically and medically
• Diagnose diseases and control the spread of such diseases
• Inform owners of proper care of animals
• Perform routine check-ups and vaccinations
• Euthanize animals when necessary
• Oversee the operation and management of a private practice

Career Opportunities and Working Conditions
There are many career opportunities in the field of veterinary medicine. While 74% of all veterinarians work in privately owned clinical practices, many are employed by government agencies (Government of Canada, 2006). In addition, veterinarians…

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