Essay on Veteran Homelessness Out Of Control

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Veteran homelessness out of control
In 2013 Lane County did a One Night Homeless Count (ONHC), out of 1,751 homeless people counted, 229 of them were Veterans (ONHC). That is an outrageous amount considering the resources out there for veterans and their families. What is the real reason for homeless veterans? Is it the military’s fault for poorly educating them, drug abuse, mental illness, physical disabilities or the poor economy? Woman veterans make up seven percent of the homeless veteran population nationwide (Veteran Statistics). Drug abuse accounts for 70% of homeless veterans (Veteran Statistics). Homeless veterans with PTSD or other mental health issues accounts for 45% of the homeless veteran community (Veteran Statistics). Not all veterans have disabilities, but 1 out of every 10 has a disability. That’s a pretty high number and most of the disabilities were from combat (Veteran Statistics). Homelessness among veterans needs to end because veterans have resources going to waste if unused, makes the military look bad, and it cost tax payers money.

Operation 365 came into play by first lady Michele Obama, this program will give housing to all homeless veterans and hopefully ending homelessness among veterans by the end of 2015. According to Jeff Wright, a reporter for the Register-Guard, “Ending veterans’ homelessness would mean that all veterans have access to housing and support services that will help get them and keep them off the streets, advocates say.”…

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