Vertical Juicers Case Study

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Omega Juicers has been one of the most dominant brands in the market for a long while now. The company behind the brand has already released a good number of high flying products with unique features that mark them apart from their competitors.
The Omega VRT400 Juicer is a vertical juicer that features an auger which sits vertically over the the motor. This vertical arrangement makes for streamlined pressure on the ingredients (this attribute is further elaborated on in the proceeding sections of this Omega VRT400 Juicer Review ). It also results in a more compact form factor that takes up minimal space on the kitchen counter.
The horizontal set up of juicers have their own advantages. They can process a larger lump of ingredients at a go.
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Vertical juicer brands have integrated reverse functions into their juicer models to address the problems caused by clogging. Normally, passing too much ingredients through the chute at one go causes jams that intermittently bring the juicing to halt. This problem gets worse with some juicers that just give in even to very moderate load. However, with sturdy internal components, Omega VRT400 puts up a strong contention for the best vertical juicer in this …show more content…
However, horizontal juicers outperform vertical juicers when it comes to preparing leafy greens.

Is The Product Easy to Operate and Maintain?

The appliance is easy to assemble and detach. The product also features a stunning self-cleaning system. A wiping system clears out the residual pulp from the screen with silicone wiping blades that swing back and forth over the screen as the juicer is running. This ultimately leads to a greater quantity of pulp-free juice.
Nonetheless, this appliance, as does any vertical masticating juicer, requires only some 5-10 minutes of washing to put it back in a sparkling condition. This time-frame can even be reduced with time as you wash the appliance a good number of times. However, it’s always advisable to avoid keeping the juicer dirty for too long without washing it, as doing so only hardens the pulp, making it more challenging to clean up.
Nonetheless, in order to make cleaning and washing easier, the manufacturers have opted to include a brush inside the a package. The brush reaches down to the areas concealed under the auger to remove trapped

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