Versions Of Are Reality / Inception Analysis Essay

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Versions of are Reality/ Inception Analysis In 2010 the world was introduced to the film Inception, an original story with complex spirals of dramatic intervals. One of the main themes of inception illustrates entering the unknown versions of reality. Is this film a gate into the future in terms of what we can see in a dream and how could this effect out real state of mind? This analysis will not only look at the literature overview of the film but will also dig deep into the understanding and science behind Inception. If we change our definition of what is real, we can change our reality. Cobb, of the main characters, changes Mal 's (his wife) perception just like the extractor team clutters with Fischer 's (the character which the team wants implement a dream into) perception. In the dream, Fischer 's father seems very real, much like Mal can be real if Cobb lets her. "Real" is just a matter of perspective which can control what we do in our actual day to day lives.
Like the people dreaming in Yusuf 's basement, the world we think is real is the world that matters most to us: it doesn 't have anything to do with physicality. We have invented technology called dream sharing, in which people connected by tubes can fall asleep and share the same lucid dream, able to run and jump, bend gravity, walk on ceilings, and crucially, enter the mind of the person who is doing the actual dreaming. They can also gain access to the host dreamer, which deals with entering the…

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