Verses Of The Death Of Dr. Swift Essay

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The poem Verses of the Death of Dr. Swift, D. S. P. D. was written by Jonathan Swift to tell what he believed his friends and foes would say about him after he died. This poem was originally written with the intention of being published after he had died, however it was published while he was still alive. Swift uses iambic tetrameter and many instances of caesura to stress the meaning and feeling of his poem. In lines 147-164, Swift writes about the moment he, the Dean of St. Patrick’s, Dublin, dies and how the public will react when they hear the news. The section is written with quotation marks at the beginning and end to express that what is being written is being spoken. There are several different speakers in this section, evident by the asking and answering of questions, though they are not specifically identified. For example, “How is the Dean? He’s just alive” (line 148) where one person of the public asked a question and another person answered it. This style is used in several other lines of the poem. Something else common is these lines is the use of caesura to emphasize the questions be asked and answered or just used to show the common way that people speak. The caesura in line 157 “To public use! A perfect whim!” is made obvious by the insertion of the exclamation point, as it was made obvious by the insertion of the question mark in line 148.
The caesura throughout this poem effects the rhythm and is placed carefully. A majority of the lines in Verses on the…

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