Hypothesis About Nonverbal Behavior

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Hypothesis Nonverbal behaviors speak louder than words, therefore a couple that expresses positive nonverbal behaviors frequently is more likely to display satisfaction within the relationship. After the literature reviewed I reached the following hypothesis:
H1: There is a correlation between the nonverbal behavior and relational satisfaction. Method Rationale for the Method:
I would use an experiment in which couples would be given different scenarios to discuss. The advantage is that the interaction can be taped and studied, a disadvantage is that the couple could try to act better between each other compared to reality in order to give a better impression of their relationship. Participants:
The target population would be recruited
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The Lykert-type scale will measure 1 as strongly agree and 7 as strongly disagree depending on the statement the individual will rank it accordingly. The first five questions are intended to gather the demographics of the participants. The questions from 6 to 20 focus on their nonverbal behaviors in the relationship. The first two questions will measure the individual’s satisfaction in the current relationship, and the questions from 8 to 20 will measure the nonverbal behavior. During the experiment the couple would discuss three typical conflict scenarios and observe the nonverbal language displayed. One scenario will be the following: it is dinner time and you want to go out and eat sushi, but your partner wants Italian, how would you typically solve this issue if both of you are set in what each of you wishes to …show more content…
At first they would talk about their relationship stage and satisfaction: How long have you dated? Are you married, cohabitating, long-term relationship or casual dating? How happy you are in your relationship? How satisfied are you with the communication between you and your partner? Then have typical conflict scenarios and observe the nonverbal language displayed: It is dinnertime and you want to go out and eat sushi but your partner wants Italian, how would you typically solve this issue? One partner always does more household chores than he other; how would you ask your partner to help more? One partner spends more money but at the end of the month the funds barely pay the bills, how would you discuss this with your partner? These experiments can show an insight of the participant’s relationship and dynamics; by observing how they communicate it would be easy to identify their nonverbal decoding and encoding skills. The scenarios and questionnaire will give an opportunity to measure the relationship between effective nonverbal communication skills and relational satisfaction. The implications of the study will prove the hypothesis, which states that the more positive verbal behavior is displayed, the more likely are the individuals to have relational satisfaction. The results can give an insight into what kind of behaviors makes a person to be satisfied within a relationship. This study will cover different types of relationships

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