Verbal Communication : The Core Of Communication Essay

772 Words Mar 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Verbal communication is the the core of communication. This is how we truly express our selves with the verbal capacity we posses. There are several type of verbal interactions and many roads can be taken. The true determination of a verbal communication is the vocabulary we use. There is also the problem of symbolism. Language is not unique but intrinsic. I have found that living in a bicultural region there are several possibilities to certain interactions with people. cultures are embedded into the core of vocabulary and eventually slang. I have encountered several types of verbal communication because of my bicultural background. My family is from Mexico but I have lived must of my life in the United States. This creates a possibility for enhancement in more than one language, in more than one culture. I have come to grasp symbolism in two different perspectives and this creates something very interesting when trying to translate this verbal symbolism from one language to another. For example, especially in Spanish I find there are a bit more words with double meaning but there are all too many in the English language as well. Homonyms in the English language are a perfect example of symbolism or true definition. These types of words that have a different meaning but my verbally sound the same, especially in my point of view, one that is still adjusting to English as my second language. A different part of this chapter that really caught my attention was the…

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