Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

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Nonverbal Communications also know as the body language is a communiation when people send and recive wordless clues. ‘Non’ means ‘not’ and ‘verbal’ means ‘words’. It includes facial expressions, gestures but also tone of voice. Nonverbal Communication informs about basic emotional states, features of someone’s temperament but it can also inform about someone’s social status, origin, self-esteem and education. To understand nonverbal communication better it should be also known what exactly verbal communications is about. Nonverbal communication differs from verbal. While in verbal we use speech in nonverbal we use gestures and behaviours. As Albert Meharabian (2009) states, ‘Nonverbal behaviour refers to action as distinct from speech. It …show more content…
Gestures are ‘visible acts’ (Esposito, Bratanić, Keller, Marinaro, 2006). They can help us to clarify, enrich and elaborate our speech or descriptions. That is why nonverbal communications is so important. As it is stated in the table – ‘it is impossible to not communicate nonverbally’. It is possibile to understand others by not communicating with words just gestures and emotions.
Although nonverbal communication is about gestures it is also divided into channels. Thanks to channels we are able to transfer the data during the interaction with other people. According to Wiener, Shilkret and Devoe (1980), the term ‘channel’ is understood ‘as any behaviour or set of behaviours’ (p. 276) which is ‘used in encoding and decoding information’(p. 276). Thanks to channel we are able to transfer the information during the interaction with other people. Every channel has its own feature and characteristics of nonverbal
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Context analysis was later used to study such events as the structure and sequence of human greetings, social behavior at an outdoor party, and the function of posture during family therapy.’ (p.

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