Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Strategies Essay

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Mrs. X is a 70 years old, Spanish female patient presented in the radiology department on a trolley. She appeared frail and had a low level of consciousness. The clinical history of Mrs. X shows the presence of lytic bone lesions and the doctor requested a skeletal survey to be performed to exclude myeloma. The department protocol points out the projections that must be done includes, posteroanterior and lateral projection of the skull, posteroanterior projection of the chest, anteroposterior bilateral humeri and femur, anteroposterior pelvis and lateral projection of thoracic and lumbar spine (Liverpool Hospital, n.d.). By analyzing her previous clinical histories, many barriers to effective communication emerged, such as language, mental and sensory impairment and the use of medication. Both verbal and nonverbal communication strategies were essential to maximize patient care, reduce radiation dose and achieve diagnosable images. Through the examination of this case study, many lessons were learned and the need to improve patient care is conveyed.
During the examination, there were four parts that need to be communicated with Mrs. X. Firstly, patient ID and consent must be checked to avoid exposing the wrong patient to unnecessary radiation and legal implications are associated if consent is not obtained. Secondly, the radiographer needs to explain the procedures included before the examination, such as pad sliding and projections needed to be done. Through the…

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