Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Most people take the act of communicating for granted. In reality, communication is a complex activity in which the sender delivers the message, is then received and interpreted by the sender where s/he provides feedback to the sender. Furthermore, messages consist of verbal and non-verbal components. The verbal component is the actual information being sent out while the non-verbal component consists of the body language, use of space, self-presentation, and vocal intonation that the sender uses to send the message. Between the two components, the non-verbal elements play a significant part in communication. According to Burgoon and Bacue (2003), in face-to-face communication, non-verbal communication accounts for over 60 percent of the message structure. Also, if the sender 's verbal message does not match the non-verbal message being projected, the receiver, contrary to what is being said, typically believes the non-verbal cues. With over 60% of communication being perceived as a form of non-verbal communication, healthcare workers who are new to Hawaii or those who are not accustomed to dealing with other ethnic cultures other than their own may find it difficult to communicate with patients from a different culture. Gestures, voice intonation, body proximity, body language, facial expressions, and the use of eye contact may have different significance in various cultures. In the Western culture, thumbs up gesture can be interpreted as a state of being "okay" or an…

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