Essay about Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

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Communication in the Military

In this paper, I will be writing on the topic of the United States military. I will discuss why this group is effective and how verbal and nonverbal communication is used depending on the task at hand. I will also share the different roles each person in the group must complete for the mission to be a success. Lastly, I will show how the morale is boosted and the members take pride in job when those roles that need completed are done correctly.
The reason I chose the military was simple. One reason is the diversity and how it brings people together to complete one goal. If they can’t accept diversity like the text says” A group that does not handle diversity well may not achieve the
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In my field communication was through verbal and non verbal commands. Based on the ranking system those higher ranked would be in charge of giving out the commands to be followed. However, they also would designate the highest ranking individual in the fire teams or different groups to lead and carry out their commands to those with less rank. They would use their verbal skills to teach and instruct what needed to be done. Sometimes it was in the form of yelling other times whispering. All times the commands were serious no matter the tone. At times they could not use their verbal commands. This is usually when we were working on moving in fire teams through houses. We would use hand signals to tell us to go right, left, forwards or backward. Before entering a house we are searching we would lean against one another and use each other’s force to enter by leaning back driving forward. These non verbal skills were essential because not paying attention could lead to something being missed and someone getting hurt. We also used writing to instruct what to do or where to go by hand drawn maps or letters. This was done for Ronda view points and also for where too meet for more info in codes.
In the end for any of this to be able to work and goals to be met there has to be effective communication. This means that the sender the receiver the decoder is all on the same page. If one of

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