Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Through communication and its various channels of sharing information, society is able to come to an understanding with each other and interpret the many styles within verbal and non-verbal communication. It is a tool used and seen everywhere whether it be at the library, school or park; it aids people throughout the day. Chapter three in the third edition of Real Communication addresses and focuses on verbal communication, which is the way we communicate with language. Although language may seem like just letters put together, it is not as simplistic as it sounds. One word can convey multiple meanings, emotions or messages depending on how society interprets language based on cultural, gender and other socioeconomic factors. As mentioned in the book, denotative and connotative terms, in-group communication and gender all have an impact on how the rest of society interprets and decodes the messages sent by others. These three different concepts are instrumental in understanding how language is used by different groups and individuals as a way to avoid miscommunication or misunderstandings. The terms denotative and connotative are utilized to assess if words are being used as the actual definition or as an emotional or attitudinal response to the person using it. Opposed to denotative terms, connotative words cannot be found in a dictionary; rather, individuals form their own meaning behind it based on past experiences. Family, for instance, means more than just blood ties…

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