Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Essays

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Communication is one way to connect people all around the world. It is rather complex way of relaying information, because it is verbal or non-verbal, and within verbal there are thousands of different languages and many forms of non-verbal as well. The two, verbal and non-verbal even work collectively at times. Although non-verbal communication lacks specifics, it is a way to communicate from a distance or understand a different language in the form of gestures. A person’s everyday actions are non-verbal forms of communication such as, handshakes, nods, body and facial expressions, but careful the meaning of gestures varies throughout the world. Gestures mean very different things depending on where you travel. Hand signals, nods, and handshakes differ drastically in different areas of the world. In America we use our hand to indicate the word okay, in the form of a zero with our other three fingers up, but in South France that same signal interprets as a zero, an insult suggesting worthless. Britain’s use of two fingers shaped as the letter V, is often confused with the meaning of victory, when they actually mean it as an aggressive insult by turning their hand around. A different use of hand signals happens in sports. Teams have designed hand gestures as a form of communication with their play caller on the field as a “secret code”. However, in Australia hand gestures are a symbolic display for mourning the death of a loved one, they sometimes do not speak…

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