Verbal Abuse In The Kite Runner

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There are roughly 6 500 spoken languages in the world today. Even though humanity has discovered many ways to communicate, they have some how turned a gift into something evil and are purposely hurting their fellow man. Khaled Hosseini showed just how mean and abusive people could be just using their words in his novel The Kite Runner. Words are a very powerful tool when it comes to an argument or even a debate. But when people do not choose their words carefully they can physically harm the person they direct them too. An example of this in the novel is when Assef says nothing is free in this world right before raping Hassan. This causes Amir to stop and think does he want to save his loyal friend, or earn his fathers approval?
“In the end,
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What they do not realize is that bruises and physical pain eventually go away, but the teasing and verbal abuse stays with us forever. In the novel Hosseini showed exactly how long this type of abuse could truly last for. For example, when Baba talked about Amir behind his back not knowing that once in a while Amir would listen to his conversation and hear about what his father truly thought of him. “And where is he headed.” Baba said “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything!” (Pg. 24) Amir took this with him for his whole life. He thought of himself as a coward and used it as an excuse to never stand up to anything becoming exactly what his father said he would. In the novel The Kite Runner Hazaras get a majority of the brute force when it comes to any type of abuse, verbal or physical. We really see a case of the in the novel when Assef confronts Hassan about his relationship with …show more content…
Everyone we meet changes us in one way or another making us the people we are today. However sometimes instead of changing us for the better, they change us for the worse. An example of this in The Kite Runner is when Baba showed Amir how little he thought of him, and though he never said it to Amir’s face, he said it behind his back and showed Amir through his actions. “Because the truth of it was, I always felt like Baba hated me a little. And why not? After all I had killed his beloved wife, his beautiful princess, hadn’t I?” (Pg. 20) Knowing that his own father disliked him Amir was always trying to change himself into becoming more like his father. Another example of someone helping change a person who they are today in the novel The Kite Runner is when, Assef confronts Amir about his relationship with Hassan and about the kindness he and his father showed to the Hazaras.
“ Assef slipped on the brass knuckles. Gave me an icy look. “You’re part of the problem, Amir. If idiots like you and your father didn’t take these people in, we’d be rid of them by now. They’d all just go rat in Hazarajat where they belong. You’re a disgrace to Afghanistan.” (Pg.

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