Verba and Non-Verbal Communication Theories Essay

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ESSAY QUESTION: Which communication theories that you have researched and applied, provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event?

In all communication events, unless there is a relationship between actions and words, the message can be wrongly interpreted. I observed a conversation between a bartender and a customer in busy and crowded bar. The customer wanted the buy one more double bourbon but the bartender refused to sell to him. This resulted in a series of communication theories, which will be analysed later.
In order to analyse the communication theories that provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event, it is necessary to
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This type is called an illustrator. Illustrators are all those gestures that go along with our speech.’(textbook p.70)
There was also the evidence of repetitions of messages in the observed event. the bartender had to explain to the customer over and over again why he would not serve him more alcohol because the customer kept saying he should be served now. Here, there was difficulty getting the message across to the customer and this could be due to a particular barrier to communication called noise. ‘Noise is any distortion factor that blocks, disrupts, or distrusts the message being sent to the receiver, interfering with the communication process.(textbook p.7) In this context, the noise could be psychological due to the emotional state of the customer (being drunk) or physical noise stemming from the loud music in the club and also the presence of many people. Not getting the message across easily could also be due to attribution errors which are errors people make because they assign a certain meaning to something that was not intended. In this event, the customer is of Indian origin; so it could be that he understood the bartender’s shaking of head to be a ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’. This is because a slow shaking of head in India means ‘Yes’.
The presence of regulators such as ‘pauses’ that occurred throughout this conversation indicate opportunities for feedback and responses to be sure the other

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