Veracious Argument Of Mulalla Sadra

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2.2.5 Writer’s opinion about the veracious argument of Mulla Sadra
Firstly, I want to simplify the meaning of the existence with respect to essence. In my opinion (Mohammadreza), when you see the different things around you, you will define everything by certain characteristic. The definition of flower is specified, so seeing a flower you under-stand it and separate it from animals. In addition, flower exist. It means flower is not nothing. Consequently, flower has essence and existence both. On the other hand, considering “Spi-derman” or “X-man”, you know what the Spiderman is exactly, while actually it does not exist. As a result, the Spiderman has essence, but it has not existence. Now think about the exist-ence. Clearly existence is existence!
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But he cannot have tangible science and knowledge, so he has not mind. But does he know himself? How can he understand if he is awaken or slept? He know himself, intangibly. This is existence, means he know he is him out of the mind, just this time, he will feel the difference and he will be awaken and remind the existence. Since other humans has the mind, how can they be awaken, remind the existence, and go beyond the limitations? The answer is when they go beyond their mind and imagination and forget their own to be the infinity …show more content…
On the other hand, both matter and mind or material and soul are correct, as existence. Personally, in my opin-ion, the body is the reflection (mirror image) of the partially infinite soul. Question one; why we can understand the infinity? Because our soul is partially infinite! Question two; if the body is the reflection of higher dimension soul in the universe, why we cannot sense more dimensions tangibly by five senses? Because five senses were made in the limited dimensions and in the higher dimensions soul is like a man who is blind, indistinct, and so on. How can human see that higher dimensions? Going beyond limitations, being infinity, human can be a creator as he is now in smaller scale, so he can create his own eyes and organs to see and find out the higher dimensions. Maybe you ask, using this explanation, you say death is equal to make the higher dimension soul discrete, while actually, the universe is limited, so the soul will pass from the universe limitations after death and arrives to anther parallel universe. Furthermore, during the birth, from the certain time the soul will reflect to the body of the baby. Although, it should be said that humans souls was consistent and unique as the exist-ence before reflecting to the universe, but after the universe some of them who removed the limitations will return to infinity; on the other hand who stuck in limitations cannot return to infinity

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