Essay about Ventria Bioscience Case

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Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy over Plant-Made Medicines
In this paper I am writing on the Ventria Bioscience and the Controversy over Plant-Made Medicines Case. Ventria Bioscience is a company that is trying to commercialize pharmaceuticals made from genetically modified plants. While Ventria is gaining opposition from regulators, activist, and environmentalist; they could succeed if they use their relevant stakeholders and specific strategies, information, financial incentive, constituency building, to influence regulators.
There are many groups that have a stake in Ventria’s action. There are some stakeholders that hold a lower salience such as, the environmentalist, consumer advocates, and food-safety activist. Which are,
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The board of directors may come up with the option of growing the crop in another country opposed to California. This would be a good way to ensure non-contamination, and eliminate the risk of “super weeds” being produced in California. It will also eliminate the regulation from the CRC. This could gain activist and environmentalist approval, since those were their main arguments. Another opinion may come up to write an appeal to congress. Explaining to them how they can reduce harm in countries, from the benefits of their pharmaceutical. This would put pressure on congress or even regulators to change their mind. Like the Tobacco case, regulators intervened to help the citizens. Regulators are doing this to Ventria to protect citizens from possible health issues and the environment from harm. If Ventria wants to influence relevant regulators they can go about it in three different ways. However, I feel two of the three strategies will benefit the company most. They can do an information strategy. Ventria can provide the government and policy makers with information to influence their actions. They could hire a lobbyist that would be aware of the regulations and developments that may affect the company. This representative would communicate and persuade an organizations support as they consider a particular regulation. For example, Ventria could explain their case to the CRC. They would provide information explaining their objective and

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