Vegetarianism: The Atkins Diet

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Diet has become a popular topic among teenagers and adults. The important of diet is not just to look good but also to give us energy and create a positive mood to function throughout the day. Sports nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield noted in ( Washington Running Report 2009) that adequate levels of the mineral iron, increases oxygen throughout the body. This Contribute to sufficient energy levels which is retrievable through the consumption of food, like for example healthy carbohydrates, lean meat, minimum amount of fat and more vegetables. People go through a diet to decrease their body mass index (BMI), which can lead to a lower blood pressure and even sugar level. According to the definition of diet is “a specific allowance or section of food, especially prescribed to control weight ( 2015). There are different kinds of diet available for people who want to change their life for good, for example there are the Atkins Diet, Zone Diet and vegetarian Diet. These diets are chosen to be elaborated, because these are the most popular diets that is done by people around the world.
Atkins Diet
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The Atkins Diet, focuses on controlling the levels of insulin in our bodies through the diet ( Nordqvist 2009). The rising in insulin levels can influence our bodies to store more energy and whatever energy that is not used will be stored as fat this is normally due to the over consumption of carbohydrates. That is why people who tend to follow the Atkins diet tend to eat a lot of meat in their diet. The Atkins diet was created by Robert C, Atkins, M.D. in 1972 where his first book was published. It was based on the restrictions of carbohydrates and focuses on eating mostly protein and fat but also with also the use of vitamin and mineral supplements. This is because to decrease the energy that can be stored in the

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