Vegetarianism: Good Or Bad?

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Is Green actually Good Can you imagine listening and watching to all those ads about huge, delicious, juicy, mouthwatering burgers, and not being able to eat it, or even think about eating it? It would be horrible, not only is meat delicious, but without it, it can lead to malnutrition. Vegetarianism is dangerous! Meat gives us many of our daily vitamins, iron, minerals, and fats, without them, the human body will not function properly. Vegetarianism is not helping you or your body! Many people become vegetarians for the health, environmental, ethical, and global food shortage reasons. One individual tried to eat fruit for breakfast every day. His triglyceride levels went from under 100 to almost 3,000! Normal triglyceride levels are supposed …show more content…
Researchers from Spain found signs of malnutrition in a child’s skull from 1.5 millions years ago. The cause of the child’s malnutrition was from the lack of meat in its diet. The brain could not develop accurately without meat (M). There has been cases of child abuse where parents force their children to be vegetarians. It was causing damage to the children (Issitt).
Vitamins are very important for human bodies. Vitamin B12 is found in meat, and the only other place it is found is in the ground (Ladock). Even herbivores eat insects that contain the vitamins that are not found in meats (Issitt). There are vitamin supplements for Vitamin B12, but they are not as beneficial as natural Vitamin B12. Without it, it can cause nerve damage, low energy, and problems dealing with calcium. Problems dealing with calcium can lead to osteoporosis (Ladock).
Vegans usually lack in Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with bone growth and to absorb calcium. Even though it is in most dairy products, vegans do not consume dairy. The only other way to get Vitamin D would be the sun. The sun can be harmful to the human body and cause skin cancer, so many people try to avoid it
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This kind of ties together with the health side of things, but there is large amounts of processing that goes into some veggie burgers. Veggie burgers are not even made of just vegetables. They are based on processed soy. Natural soy is more beneficial. Since it is highly processed, the levels of sodium can lead to problems with the human body. It can lead to high blood pressure and kidney disease. Sometimes the vegetables are held together with butter or oil. Some people will go on the vegetarian diet to lose weight, but just one veggie burger with topping can be 1,000 calories (Covington). Fun fact, most vegetarians will eventually admit to missing meat (Ladock).
An example of vegetarianism destroying the environment is industrially produced tofu. It is more harmful than organically reared animals. The factories take up more land than organically reared animals. That land could be used for farming or ranching. The gathering of the soya uses a lot of fossil fuels. The shipping is a down factor of saving the environment too, let’s say for example, the tofu has to be shipped to Britain, where the weather is not good for growing meat substitutes, that shipping is worse for the planet than eating organically reared animals

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