Vegetarian Persuasive Essay

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Relevance to Audience: You might know that vegetarian and vegan diets are really popular today, and those diets have been growing more since 2014 because people want to lose weight or prevent animal cruelty.

Credibility: According to the article Becoming a vegetarian from Harvard Health, “People become vegetarians for many reasons, including health, religious convictions, concerns about animal or the use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, or a desire to eat in a way that avoids excessive use of environmental resources.”

Topic: Vegan diets vs meat eating diets are better for athletes.

Thesis: There are different type of diets for professional athletes which help to improve their health and performance in sport. Vegan diets affect
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I am going to show which one is better when it comes for sports and convince you guys that there are different between them and if you do any kind of sport you have to include any kind of meat in your diet.

I. Assertion/Argument 1: Missing important vitamins.
A. If a professional athlete becomes vegetarian or vegan, he or she will miss so many vitamins in his or her body, so he or she has to take vitamins on pills or injected.
B. According to the article Health effects of vegetarian and vegan diets, “particularly on the health of vegans and on the possible impacts on health of low intakes of long-chain n−3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.”
C. Well, we see that professional athletes will miss so many important vitamins in their bodies, so this is something that athletes cannot have when they compete because when it comes to elite sport they have to be in the best shape to have a better performance in sport. Also, if an athlete misses vitamins, he or she can get injured because there are missing vitamins or he or she will performance less.

Transition: Now that we see the problems with vegan diets in sports, let’s look why professional athletes include any kind of meant in their

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