Essay on Vegetarian Diet And Its Effects On The Human Body

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A vegetarian diet is one lacking red meat, poultry and seafood. Whether or not vegetarianism is good for one’s health tends to be a controversial topic, as meat contains more essential nutrients than vegetables. Meat provides a higher-quality source of protein than vegetables because meat is packed with amino acids that vegetables do not supply. The type of iron in meat also absorbs better than vegetables which contributes to low iron levels in vegetarians. Due to these facts many believe that vegetarianism is not a good practice and will not provide the right amount of nutrition that the body needs. Lisa Freedman, a writer for men’s fitness, addresses the difference between a meat based diet and a vegetarian one. In her article she interviews Ruth Frechman, a dietitian. During the interview Ruth states, “If you’re on a vegetarian diet long enough, you could suffer from malnutrition” (Freedman, 2016). The statement displays Frechman’s stance in regards to the vegetarian diet and its effects on the human body. Although individuals oppose vegetarianism, establishing a balanced vegetarian diet is easily viable and is proven to have the same beneficial attributes that a meat based diet provides.
The first negative belief about vegetarianism is that many vegetarians are not receiving adequate amounts of protein. Supporters of meat based diets believe that meat is the best source of protein because of the fact that it contains all the critical amino acids that are needed for…

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