Essay on Vegetable Farm As A Young Adolescent

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Growing up on a rural, vegetable farm as a young adolescent in the mid-1960’s had its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages, especially during the summer growing season, included plenty of free time to play, easily accessible snacks, and supportive, nurturing parents. My ten siblings and I learned at a very young age not to get in mom’s way first thing in the morning because if we did, we spent the next few hours before lunch doing household chores, such as washing dishes or scrubbing floors. So to avoid these experiences, my siblings and I got up early each day at the crack of dawn and spent the day exploring, playing, and learning about life on the farm, and in the surrounding neighborhood. As we gallivanted across the countryside, snack time experiences involved picking fresh fruit from the orchard, raiding grandma’s berry bushes, or sneaking into grandpa’s strawberry patch to quench our hunger pains. We never went hungry, that’s for sure; not like many of the kids do today in various parts of Dubuque County, and around the country.
Disadvantages of growing up in the Baty farm family, at least in my mind as a young adolescent, not only included the work of picking crops and operating the vegetable stand on Union Street, but it also included doing Friday night laundry at the downtown Laundromat for the entire family, along with babysitting younger siblings whenever Mom needed a break. The disadvantages I pointed out of my childhood weren’t that bad per se,…

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