Vegan Meal Delivery Companies

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The phrase “You are what you eat” might haunt you in your dreams when you recall the memory of downing a greasy cheeseburger to avoid the embarrassment of a loud stomach orchestra. Or perhaps that kebab unconsciously chomped after dancing all night at the club that serves liquid euphoria (warning: it expires within 12 hours.) We might not literally become what we eat, however, according to Forbes, we can now eat like Beyonce with the high hopes of becoming ***flawless. The singer has launched Vegan Meal Delivery Company and in fact, it might run the world. Veganism has become a trend easily spotted on social media, with approximately 15 million vegan posts uploaded via Instagram. With celebrities supporting Veganism and #vegan-bloggers taking over social media, teenagers are exposed to the trend without background knowledge and the …show more content…
“Vegan trend is definitely something that I keep in mind, especially when speaking with adolescents regarding a limited diet.” She said. “I would say that vegetarian is more common but they all mention an interest in becoming vegan. Most of them are not able to say they would to become vegan (e.g. ethical, health). Weedon explained that peak bone mass is reached at around 20 years of age. However vegan diet is generally low in calcium, therefore providing as much protein as possible is important. Weedon explained that [a] vegan diet could be done well if they are well educated and meals are properly planned. A blood test and education regarding supplementation is also important should there be a deficiency. She advised that healthy balanced diet is easiest when no food group is avoided. She further explained that two of five food groups are avoided following a vegan diet, with these groups offering protein, iron and zinc. Therefore a vegetarian diet is more

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