Short Essay On Veganism

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Veganism: A Beneficial Lifestyle
To fitness fanatics and food magazines alike, veganism is currently considered the epitome of healthy living. Unlike other short-term “fad” diets, such as the werewolf and cookie diets, it has withstood the test of time. Much like anything else in our modern world, there still exist dissenting opinions on its validity. Concerns such as malnutrition are frequently addressed. However, research shows that, in the grand scheme of things, veganism is the most beneficial diet to one’s body and one’s environment.
Veganism is often criticized as being unnatural and malnutritious, but as long as one is informed and takes certain vitamins only found in animal products such as B12, he or she will be healthier than ever possible during his or her previous omnivorous lifestyle. Critics also mention a lack of energy that tends to occur when one switches over to the lifestyle. This is not unique to this situation, as all major changes require the body some time to get used to. When the low energy levels pass, they are replaced with even higher energy levels than before, as consumption of meat
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Large amounts of this gas being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere causes a harmful natural phenomenon known as the greenhouse gas effect. This occurs when earth’s atmosphere traps solar radiation due to the presence of certain gases, such as methane. This effect eats away at the ozone layer, a portion of the earth’s stratosphere that protects the earth from UV radiation. This form of radiation is particularly Methane is also a gas form of asphyxiation. In high concentrations may displace the oxygen supply you need for breathing, especially in confined spaces. Decreased oxygen can cause suffocation and loss of consciousness. It can also cause headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of

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