Vegan Food Research Paper

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The investigation relates to contemporary and futures issues as the issue being investigated links to contemporary trends in food and hospitality. The research question I am basing my investigation on is, “The need to cater for an increasing rise of vegans makes a chefs life challenging.” This research question is a contemporary issue because ‘vegan’ has become a trend and is seen in many different magazines. This investigation will be based on my local region because of the rise in restaurants that will cater for vegans. For the purpose of my study local businesses that I will be looking at will include a range of local restaurants and cafes that will provide for those with vegan diets, weather they have a vegan menu or not.

The focus questions
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When each individual goes out for a meal they have to right to order what they want or need. No matter what dietary requirement they require, vegan eaters should be served what they would like and many chefs are happy too cater to them but there are still chefs out there who get aggravated with specific …show more content…
But the further and further you look into the diet the better it gets. If you do the vegan diet right many people have amazing results and fall in love with their new lifestyle. As a food addict the first thing that came into my mind when thinking of turning vegan was, what take-away can I eat if a was a vegan. So I did a serve and surprisingly many of my reply’s include “Subway, meat and cheese free sub” I was rather happy that in this diet I could still treat myself with some take-away. Many restaurants and cafes are up with the trends and will happily write a menu, which can suit a large range of diets and especially vegan as it’s growing in popularity larger and larger everyday. Going vegan is also proven to be great for the earth, cutting down on production needs as the lifestyle mainly plant-based. Down to Earth explains, “Raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world

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