Varying Definitions of Consensual Sex Essay

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Varying Definitions of Consensual Sex and
Their Effects on College Students

Kyla McGirr
Eastern Kentucky University


One of the greatest issues, by far, with our society today is the struggle with consensual sex, and what the boundaries for sexual relations between a male and a female are. What exactly is sexual consent and should it be given before not only sex involving penetration, but so many other kinds of sensual scenarios, too. In the Journal of Sex Research, the authors experiment with the parameters of sexual assault and give it a rather straightforward definition. Sexual assault is the nonconsensual sexual activity obtained through
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Jozkowski and Peterson (2014) studied how college students may communicate consent cues and the potential variations that are present across gender, sexual act, and relationship status. They wanted to develop a clearer understanding of how college students communicate sexual consent, provide a measure that could assess an individuals’ method of communicating consent to sexual activity, and assess the psychometric properties of the sexual consent measure (Jozkowski & Peterson, 2014). The researchers also looked at nonverbal cues as an indicator for consent and compared it to verbal cues. Their findings concluded that based on gender, the consent communication varied, women seemed to need a “verbal agreement” and preferred to be asked for consent, more than men did (Jozkowski & Peterson, 2014). There were many different varying definitions of consensual sex and what verbal or nonverbal forms of consent alluded to different intimate behaviors like vaginal-penile intercourse, anal intercourse, sexual touching, making out, etc. On the contrary, consent communication seemed to vary when the individuals were in relationships, more long term partnerships. In a study examining male and female expressions of consent to be acceptable, individuals who were in longer-term relationships concerned nonverbal expressions for willingness to be satisfactory for a more ambiguous consent. Compared to

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