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One wild night Theres a man in her cake.And a stripper at her door.Its all clean fun,protests the bride-to-be.But the shower just got steamier
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They function like a kind of secret service clients come in and whisper their orders,and when the house is empty,they get down to business.Dodging the judgmental gaze of domestic help and children,these cake ladies fulfill requests for phallic chocolate lollipops and other erotic confections.Cakes at bachelorette parties are no longer just about chocolate,icing and candles.From a naked man on a beach to threedimensional confections that resemble male genitalia and even squirt out
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Most brides,he says,want a naughty bachelorette but prefer to opt out of the full monty.At one party,the stripper stunned the best friendturned organiser with options.He asked if I wanted him to dress like a firefighter or a Greek god.I had no idea there were options available she says.If the party has a theme,strippers dress in character for the occasion.Its all clean fun, clarifies the owner of bachelorette party planner Minx.They dont touch or anything. The stripper is only one part of the exercise.Usually,the girls will dare each other to enact a prostitutes maiden street walk or mime the ritual of seduction.They can be quite audacious, says the Minx owner. And so can the decor.At one party where the theme was condoms,standard-issue colourful ribbons were replaced by flimsy streamers made of condoms,says Kapoor.For those who dont want to risk calling in an unknown man,a guy friend is roped in to entertain.They made me stand on the table,remove my shirt and dance with a feathery boa while they whistled and

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