Varsity Golf Reflection Paper

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I am on Varsity Golf and have been for 4 years. During the golf season we are permitted to play golf and use the practice facility at Twin Lakes Country Club for free so I take full advantage of that opportunity and work on my game whenever I can. I thoroughly enjoy golf and hope to play in college.
Another activity I truly take pleasure in is disc golf (or Frisbee golf). I have a beautiful park within 5 minutes from my home and this park has an 18-hole course and a separate 9-hole course that I play almost every day in the summer with my family and occasionally with my friends.

My current savings are for the purchase of a dependable vehicle. I will be staying at home and commuting to college to save money. Since I live in Wisconsin, I
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Being a high school boy and involved in so many athletic activities, I am always hungry. The Paw pays me in “Paw Dollars” and allowed me to consume food and beverages before and after my activities without costing me regular money.

I do not purchase anything on credit. If I do not have the money on hand for an item, then I will save for it. During the time that I am saving for that special item, I re-evaluate the necessity of it and occasionally that saving time is an enlightening experience and the realization is that I did not need it anyway, which saves me additional money.

One of the most successful fundraisers that I have been a part of is the Nate Walter 5K Memorial Fun Run/Walk. Nate was a student in our school that was killed on his tractor a few years ago. The entire student body of my high school, the feeder school students, and the community members all come together for this day of honor and fundraising. All the proceeds from this 5K go to a scholarship in Nathan’s memory for a student pursuing a career in technology, just like

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