Various Ways Of People Management And Total Quality Management

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In this current generation, managing people has never been highly important compared to the past through the variety of processes to handle human resources with the drastic changed in human’s behaviour and mentality over the past few decades due to external factors that keeps expanding yearly. Issues on proper people management have been an eminent issue that businesses are dealing with every day and furthermore, literature from renowned leading businessmen has announced that “People are our most important asset” (Burke, 2006; Mayo, 2001). Without having any proper employees, the business will suffer as the employees are unable to do what the company wants them to. HRM covers other management as well like performance management and total quality management.

Aim of Literature Review
This literature review will discuss the various ways on people management and the different views on these approaches surrounding it.

Why is HRM Important?
Firstly, HRM is the main ticket to holding an entire organisation together through its different strategies. With a strategy in mind, businesses are able to proceed with the pathway that they want to take in order to achieve their targets (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). As defined by (Richardson and Thompson, 1999, p. 3), strategy can be understood as a theme with “key elements, there must be strategic objectives (things the strategy is supposed to achieve) and there must be a plan of action (the means by which it is proposed that the…

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