Various Roles And Styles Of An Od Consultant Case Study

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Various Roles and Styles of an OD Consultant
Christy Moulton
BUS 370
Instructor Jerry Spight
August 3, 2017

Various Roles and Styles of an OD Consultant
There are various roles and styles that an OD consultant can take on. Depending on the the change implementation need for the organization the consultant may chose a different role or style for every different contract. The style should be something the consultant is comfortable in using per job, because everyone is not the same and you should personalize your touch to the organization. Organizational consultants, like other management consultants, provide independent and objective advice to organizations to define and achieve their goals
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This is a role where an organization hires a consultant to do the work for them. This role also has specifics on what the manager wants to be done, so it's not really allowing the consultant to consult just to do a certain task asked by management. The pair of hands role nor the expert role is ideal for an organization, because if the problem arises again in the organization corporate would have to again hire someone to take care of implementing the changes needed. Which leads to the next role being the best to utilize in certain …show more content…
She may also function as a third-party mediator when conflict arises during the problem-solving process (Bierema, 2014).
This style allows the consultant to implement activities to learn more of why the issue is an issue, by organizing learning and activities development. This can put the consultant in to a time strain, because they are hosting classes to learn why the development of the organization is where it stands. This can also leave the consultant's morale and character at stake if the developmental activities are not helpful to the organization.
Information Specialist
This style allows the consultant to have expert knowledge or information in the area in which is needed. The only downside of using this role is that it doesn't allow the client to become independent of the consultant, they would always have to hire a consultant to implement expert knowledge in this area.

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