Variable Speed Of Air Conditioning Repair Essay

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Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Dallas
When you hear the term “variable speed”, it is in reference to the fan motor inside the indoor air handler. This component moves the heated or air conditioned air though the ductwork in your home. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning offersHVAC systems with variable speed motors for installation. In addition, it is possible that your existing system is compatible with the motor. Contact us for further information, or ask your HVAC technician if your system is compatible. A convenient time is when you are scheduling your fall maintenance or air conditioning repair in Dallas.
Unlike conventional single-speed motors, a variable speed motor is capable of operating at a broad range of speeds precisely controlling the delivery of conditioned air throughout the home. Precise air control delivers the required amount of air when it is needed, and offers a number of benefits:
The Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace
• Improved Air Quality: Variable-speed motors with humidistats control humidity levels in the home. The ideal relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent, for optimal comfort. The consistent airflow provides improved air filtration and improved air quality.
• Energy Efficiency: Variable-speed motors consume less energy than conventional motors. For example, the variable speed motor uses approximately one-eighth the amount of electricity used for a conventional single-speed fan motor when it operates at half speed.…

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