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Maisy Berger

Is the World’s Most Rare Marine Animal Going to See 2018?
Discovered in 1958, the Vaquita is now a critically endangered species. Classified as endangered by Mexico in 1975 and by the United States of America in 1979, the Vaquita now only has 30 individuals left in their species. These beautiful creatures are part of the porpoise family. They grow to be about five feet and usually weigh around a hundred and twenty pounds. The Vaquita are animals that thrive in a marine habitat and are found in the northern Gulf of California. The distinct characteristic of the black circles around the eyes gives the Vaquita it’s differentiating characteristic of the Cetacean species. This species is an essential part of the immense
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Since 2004, Mexico has tried to help the Vaquita, claiming the California Gulf as a Vaquita refugee and gave fisherman a monetary compensation for those who would be affected by this. In 2015 Mexico put a two year band on the use of gillnets while fishing in an effort to save the Vaquita. Gillnets are vertical netting set in a straight line that look somewhat like a wall. With 2017 ending, and the two year band coming to an end, what effort is going to be made to continue to try and save these animals? Mexico needs to continue to Despite all these efforts, the Vaquita continues to disappear at an alarming rate. The International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA) continues to pressure Mexico into doing more. The Marine Mammal Center has collaborated with Vaquita CPR and make an effort to save these animals by working with more than 20 institutions from all over the world to remove the gillnets from all over the California Gulf. The Marine Mammal Center claims, “ The Center is working on a number of other initiatives, including increasing awareness about the vaquita and the threats to its survival, supporting development of alternative fishing gear, and providing administrative support for initiatives such as population surveys. The Center is also providing technical support and training in the investigation of mortality events in the Gulf of California.” (The Marine Mammal Center, 2017). …show more content…
There are a large number of programs that are trying to save them such as The Marine Mammal Center, The World Wildlife Fund, and The Nippon foundation. Making donations to these programs is a great way to help out. Educating yourself and others is also important because spreading awareness is important. There are so many people working hard and hopefully the Vaquita will get to see 2018.
Vaquitas are a strong part of the reason that the Gulf of California has such a wide range of biodiversity. With countries and other organizations pitching in such as Mexico, the United States of America, The World Wildlife Fund, The Marine Mammal Center, The Nippon Foundation, and many more. There are only about 30 of these stunning creatures left due to the illegal fishing methods in the Gulf of California. The Vaquitas are not the sought after ones, they are just collateral damage of over fishing.
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