Vanity vs Honesty Essay

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Vanity vs. Honesty

Many people find themselves caught up in the everyday acts of vanity and honesty. Everyday people make decisions out of honesty or out of vanity. The changing of our society in everyday life is due to vanity. Even though most people are constantly acting out of vanity, you will find in some cases when circumstances change, people act more honestly, but ultimately vanity rules over honesty. Many individuals act out of vanity until the situation of things change for the worse for them. For example, an individual named Joe with no health problems may have no interest in contributing to the numerous cancer foundations that search cures for cancer and support those in need who suffer from the illness. He goes on with
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Nick now realizes he has been living most of his adult years as a businessman for all the wrong reasons. He soon sells most of his expensive personal belongings, stops his outrageous spending habits, and sells his very spacious house to buy a smaller house that better accommodates his family of three. He uses all that money and puts it into Danny’s organization he becomes a main leader in the organization alongside Danny. Numerous people may find themselves acting as Joe and Nick did, until the condition of things turns bitter for the person as it did for the two men. The majority of people, especially young people, tend to dress more along the lines of vanity to impress others to look more “stylish” or “cool”. When I was in middle school, if you were to walk down the hallways at Sequoyah middle school, you would see kids wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, and Hollister apparel. Now if you were to advance through the hallways at Edmond Memorial you would scarcely see anyone wearing such attire. The students would be wearing designer jeans, Polo apparel, North Face clothing, etc. This goes to show that people do dress out of vanity, if they were dressing honestly, you would still be seeing the same brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch being worn. This goes hand and hand with adults as well. If you were to strive

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