Vanity : Vanity And Vanity Essay

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What is vanity? One dictionary definition of vanity is “excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.” The struggle to choose between vanity and honesty is a real and daily endeavor, an issue that is not new to society. As seen with the ordeal concerning the Salem witch trials, people have been faced with the reality of this decision for centuries. It’s not a new concept, yet people continually stumble over this hurdle in everyday life. I myself have faltered many times at this hurdle, unsure how to behave and not knowing what motivates me. Many people understand the connotation that vanity is unacceptable, so obviously only terrible people are vain. In reality, vanity is a characteristic that many people struggle with their whole lives, although most of the trouble seems to happen earlier in life. I’ve seen many examples of choices people have had to make between honesty and vanity. I’d like to say that most people act out of honesty, but unfortunately people tend to behave motivated by vanity.
As a clarification, I don’t mean to say that everyone is vain, period. Many people are honest, and they are motivated to act out of honesty. However, most people have a morsel of vanity within them that truly cares what other people think of them. This morsel of vanity shows itself quite often. I saw more examples of this in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The first, and perhaps the most prominent illustration of behaving vainly, was the…

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