Vanilla Coffee Case Study

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company Summary:

The vanilla lounge is located in 17-21 Eaton Mall Oakleigh 3166. It was opened in August 2008. Vanilla is a medium size and standard business which is pride of cakes and greek foods as it is a greek lounge. By 2012 Vanilla was praised as the one of the top patisseries in The Age Cafe Guide 2012. Every members of Vanilla have been innovators and pioneers in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. Being a coffee and a dining, Vanilla has something for everyone. it is famous for the cakes, biscuits and latest venture and also Vanilla Upstairs which has an amazing pan-Mediterranean cuisine. Everyday vanilla serves excellent soup and speaciality greek dishes. There pricing range is between $10 to $30 per plate which is afforable
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In this suburb, 40% of the people living speaks in greek.The area is traditionally known to have a strong Greek cultural influence, largely due to the influx of said immigrants to Australia in the mid-20th century. Therefore, Vanilla is speacially known with the greek cuisine. In relation to a customer activity, throughout the week generally people are locals so they prefer coffee and cakes. It is a largely residential suburb so in the weekends for their familys, meeting get-together vanilla have special group brunch with music on thursday. The political and legal requirements to operate a business are registered in the Australian Tax Office to legalize a business name and for a business number. Permits that are acquired by Vanilla are liquor license as they sell liquor and prepare food obtained by the …show more content…
The customers are mostly from the europe countries as the vanilla lounge gives european vibes and they serves Greek, French and italian food therefore they are the most common visitiors. In other hand, Vanilla existing customers are of all age groups from teenager to old aged people. Vanilla has many customers to purchase coffee and cake speacially in the morning time. Every Thursday, vanilla enhance their patron's experience by providing boutique coffee brand, their extensive menu with music acts. therefore most of the customer are seen in the lounge from different countries with family, meeting, get togethers. the target market are the customers from the standard backgrounds therefore to maintain their level and match them the decors and foods are made with the high quality standards for thier satisfaction and in other hand vanilla has average level family customers too therefore it has something good for them with their budget level.

3.6 Competitors Analysis
Both the competetors offer same nationality "GREEK" foods and services Vanilla Lounge has two

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