Vampire's Never Die Analysis

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In every decade and in every part of the world there has been a fascination about the Supernatural. In most cases regarding vampires, werewolves, and ghosts there was fear and horror connected to them whereas in today’s world that has changed. We are more than ever fascinated with the supernatural. There are so many different things that attract us to such movies, television shows, and books. Toro and Hogan describe in “Vampire’s never die” that in today’s world where one consumes so much, where there’s a new movie or TV Series out every week and where we are so evolved with technology, there is something very enticing about the idea of the immortal. (293) In our everyday hectic life filled with smartphones, the internet, and social media, Parker takes this statement in “Our Zombies, …show more content…
Television series like “Teen Wolf” showcase a love between two male werewolves being an open couple, in some scenes they are kissing, in others, their clothes are on the floor. These shows give one an opportunity to keep an open mind and also be able to explore the world of other fantasies. In the show “True Blood”, which revolves mostly around vampires and is one of the crudest shows, there is a scene where there are more than a dozen naked vampires having an orgy on the grass. There is no gender boundary in this scene and nothing is being censored. Watching these kinds of scenes gives us an opportunity to talk more liberally about Gender, Sexuality, different presences as well as fetishes and fantasies. Therefore, the openness of sexual freedom in these types of entertainment. are affecting and encouraging our society towards more sexual freedom, open bisexual and gay relationships as well as homosexual

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