Vampires And Modern Day Vampires

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Vampires have lived through stories and tales told by mouth or with pen and paper for centuries. Throughout the existence of vampires, they have evolved from scary, ugly, and sadistic to beautiful or handsome and caring creatures in a way. Not only have the vampires looks changed but their personality as well, for example the Vampire Diaries. Vampires have always had a sexual way to actions. A couple examples would be Dracula 's obsession with Lucy Weston or Carmilla 's love upon Mircalla. There is no one concrete reasons for the vampires change from horrify people to the sexual creatures in today 's stories and movies. One reason could be money; maybe the horror books and movies about vampires were not selling as good so an author changed …show more content…
The older vampires had a range of abilities like being able to hypnotize their victims by making eye contact. In addition the power to shape-shift into animals, having to return to the soil where they were buried, unable to cross thresholds and running water. Most modern day vampires do not share these same characteristics with the older vampires. The modern days vampires do share the dislike of the sun like the vampires in The Vampire Diaries which need a magic empowered ring to survive in sunlight or Twilight where the vampires could live in sun light but would stand …show more content…
They fall in love with humans, and do not change them without the humans knowing and with their permission. The one thing that vampires in today 's culture do is actually win. In the past the humans won by killing the evil vampire but in the movies Twilight the vampires do not have a bad side, well the main vampires. . The Vampire Diaries is a good example of the sexual side of vampires. In The Vampire Diaries is more of the true side of the vampires we read in books minus a few changes for the show, a lot of sex blood drinking and

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