Values That Should Underpin Politics Law And The State Essay

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This book addresses values that should underpin politics law and the state. The author presents an argument that covers utilitarian, liberal and communitarian views. The author address the issue of justice and how this can be different for various individuals. He uses case studies to illustrate this point and these include laws against price gouging, debate on who should qualify for the Purple Heart and financial bailouts. He identifies that law against price gouging revolve around welfare, freedom and virtue. With respect to purple Herts he notes that it is essential to identify the virtues that should be honoured with the medal. Before outlining the different approaches to the concept of justice, the author discusses moral dilemmas and shows how the moral reasoning process leads us in different directions founded on how we justify our choices and personal moral instincts. He offers a way of thinking through issues that we face in public life. He relates justice to issues such as the moral limits of markets, affirmative action, abortion, assisted suicide and same sex marriages. He shows how a grasp of justice can help to make sense of politics, philosophy, morality and personal convictions.
The utilitarian argument is that justice is based on whatever leads to the greatest happiness for the greatest number. In this context happiness implies whatever produces pleasure and avoids pain. Objections to this approach of thinking include the view that this does not take into…

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