Values Essay Hnc Social Care

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In this assignment I will be discussing how my own personal value base impacts on Social Care Values and goals of my agency. I will also discuss how I have looked at anti-discriminatory practice, what values are involved and how I promote this in my own workplace. I will be identifying legislation and how this influences my practice as a worker.
I believe that a value is something that is important to an individual and the values that I believe in play a very important role in my life. My values are greatly influenced by my family. My values include family, health, being respectful and non-judgmental. I also value my daughter, my friends and being honest. I believe that a value is something that you should assign love and
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Another way to promote anti discriminatory practice within my workplace is by ensuring that any written notes I record are unbiased and to ensure that service users receive a person centred package of care. Again, the National Care Standards assist me in this. I believe that each individual should be given the right to promote the role they held in their home. For example, some individuals may feel the role they played as a wife/husband or mother/father has been lost along the way due to an illness or physical disability they may have. One service user in particular within my workplace with whom I had worked closely with on a number of occasions felt that the role he had as a “handyman” within the home he shared with his carers had been lost and he felt that he was not needed or wanted anymore. This particular man has dementia and his cognitive understanding is limited. Although as he always played the role within the home as the “handyman” he felt worthless and wanted to be able to carry out minimal tasks within the home again. After discussion with this man and his main carers, it was agreed that he could help around the home more often to his own abilities therefore he was regaining some pride and self-worth in himself. This was important to this service user as he felt he was being discriminated against because of his cognitive abilities. I believe that my own personal values played a role in helping this man to achieve this outcome. I

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