Values And Values Of A Person Essay

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Values are important in the makeup of a person because they are what guides and determines how a person lives. One may not have very many, but if one would try to explore their values, they will most likely find at least one. Whether it’s a big value such as valuing the importance of only having relations when one gets married, or as small as saying thank you. Point being everyone has something they value. As Levitt and Moorhead say, values not only come up in the counseling relationship but also affect many sides of the relationship both negatively and positively. Because of this, evaluating ones’ values to not be biased and be alert when an issue arises that challenges the helpers’ values comes up, is an essential part to becoming a helper. Knowing your values can help keep an objective viewpoint to a client’s concerns.
I believe all values of a person would work against them as a helper. This is because every client one encounters will have a different problem as well as different values. In this case, every value a person has would at some point work against them. For example, one value I have is the LGBT, value equality and everyone has a right to be happy. This in turn may work for me to counsel a gay client as an individual but may work against me if the session consisted of the individual and his parents. Where the situation was, the parents didn’t want him to be gay and there must be a way to “fix him.” Then I may side with the individual because that is where my…

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