Values and Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Values and Ethical Decision Making
Learning Team A
Kevin Davis, Desmond Harris, David Stevens
MGT 521
January 30, 2010
Richard Lewis

Values and Ethical Decision Making
Individuals and organizations make multiple decisions every day. Making decisions involves making a choice between two or more alternatives (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2010). Some of these choices are small, like what flavor of ice cream to buy, whereas other choices are big, like should a corporate executive take a bribe. Making ethical decisions is important for an organization’s success. An individual’s personal values and ethics help guide decision making. Organizational values also play a role in making decisions. Ethics awareness inventories help identify
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According to current Chief Executive Officer Wick Moorman in his message to stockholders “2010 was a very strong year. Aided by the continuing recovery and our own internal initiatives, and produced attractive returns for our shareholders,” (“Optimistic outlook follow,” 2011).
Organizational values
When it comes down to Norfolk Southern’s organizational values the company created a statement that outlines the organization’s commitment to stockholders, customers, employees, and communities as well as the importance of company values. This is conveyed through the decision-making process of its leadership, and displayed through the ethical ideals in the organization’s value statement outlined as the “SPIRIT” values. The SPIRIT values literally spell out what the organization’s values stand for. The following are Norfolk Southern Corporation’s stated values (2011, para. 4):
Safety. We put safety first by taking care of the people around us and following the rules.
Performance. We are performance driven and committed to providing quality customer service. We act on facts and are accountable for results.
Integrity. We do the right thing. We are open, fair, honest and straightforward.
Respect. We believe in the importance of all of our stakeholders. We value

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