Value Proposition Of The Microsoft Surface Pro Essay

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Value Proposition
Our tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro, has unique features for engineering students that our competitors lack. Distinctive benefits such as the surface pen and keyboard both offer the same input capabilities that a desktop offers with more efficiency. Utilizing these features, along with the app for education and multi-tasking windows, could help significantly reduce Cullen engineering students’ and faculties time with homework, studies, and other online assignments.
Features and Benefits Summary

Features Benefits
Large screen A large screen allows for more space for multi-tasking between things such as homework problems, textbooks, videos, etc.
Apps for education Downloadable apps for education can help connect students to additional educational materials in an easily accessible format.
Resolution 2160 x 1440 resolution that provides high quality for detailed engineering graphics to help stimulate Cullen College Student’s learning.
Battery Long lasting battery life that gives students the ability to work for 10 hours without a power source enabling them to work more efficiently during long school days.
Thin and light Mobility is enhanced with the mere 1.76 pound tablet that is light enough to be taken anywhere. This feature allows students the ability to grab their studies on the go quickly and easily.
Storage With 128GB storage, there is enough capacity to store graphics, drafting’s, and technical files required by engineering student during their…

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