Value Proposition Of Mba

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Register to read the introduction… Right outside Berry’s restaurant, the first Mocha boasted an eclectic Indo-Tibetan theme and fresh worldly coffee. Soon Mumbai’s biggest Mocha opened at Juhu with a flamboyant Polynesian and Mediterranean look. Next it was Hyderabad’s turn to smile at Mocha’s new creation. Jaipur got its own Mocha in March 2006 with rich Rajput motifs and royal tapestries. Later in the year, Lavelle Road in Bangalore and Defense Colony in Delhi followed suit. After gathering a legion of loyal patrons across India, Mocha then opened its gates in Kolkata in July 2010 with a 4000 sq. ft. café filled with drama, mayhem and comfort all in one …show more content…
Make sure the hygiene factors are maintained
The value proposition of Mocha is to create an experience for the customers. Therefore critical factors such as comfortable seats, quick response time and high levels of service level should be the top priority for the CEO
2. Develop alternative customer responses
Think of some alternative ways that could improve firm response in each of these customer contact opportunities.
3. Decide which responses will delight the customer
Try to pleasantly surprise the customer and thereby not just meet, but exceed their expectations. “Delight” Moments of Truth provide unexpected, thoughtful, delightful experiences for the customer. Something unexpected by customers who come regularly such as identifying customers by name and their preferences could go a long way in creating the Mocha experience for the customer which he will not forget easily.
4. Increased visibility of Mocha Brand
Proper Signboards, Backlit display board should be there so that customers can easily spot Mocha outlets. When we visited the signboard was not working and we found it very difficult to locate Mocha. This should be rectified immediately and should be on the top priority of the management as these are basic requirements. Mocha is a premium brand and falling short on such parameters could have a major impact on its

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