Value Of Music In Education

Music is Valuable- this is believed because of the huge role music plays in our lives every day. We may not always think about our backgrounds of music or whether or not it has affected any of our experiences, but the value of music can be seen from anywhere and by everyone. Coming from personal experience, music has helped dramatically in the acquisition of a number of critical skills for my life and my future education. And for that reason, I believe music should not only be taught, but also incorporated into the daily classroom. The music should vary from everything like art music to everyday pop music which plays on the radio day and night. It takes a special kind of person to teach and an environment which is suitable and adaptable to each and every child. Music’s importance to the students is not only to learn and love the music, but also to learn and love themselves- which is the true value of music.
The value of music is not secretive. It is all around us. Just ask any teacher who has students who have been musically trained, or participate in music daily. In every aspect, children who are drawn to music are more likely to show better trends of concentration, listening skills, memory, etc. It is scientifically proven that our brains share the same love for music as our ears do. In my own experience, music has taught me
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The importance to accommodate to these varieties means the students will respond more positively to things they like and things they can relate to. Not only is it important to teach the different genres of western music (Art, Rock, Hip Hop, etc.), but also music from across the world. One big problem with schools today is the lack of cultural diversity. Showing the students the different cultures in terms of music may help them realize that Western culture is very different from other cultures from around the

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