Enhances Brain Development

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What is the value of music and movement activities to your learners? Discuss how each of the 10 values will develop the learners.

1. Enhances brain development: Music instruction proves to improve brain development in young children, primarily in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills. Activities like clapping and jumping to the beat of the music can stimulate brain function and help children to gather skills to organise their thoughts and behaviours. Music help learners to improve their memory, because they learn the words to the songs and can sing along when the song comes up. Music also helps learners to develop emotional intelligence as a specific song
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There is no right or wrong, only pure enjoyment!

9. Improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dance and movement activities:

Music and movement should be explored in many ways so that the body can move; activities such as games that involve different ways of getting to the other side of a fixed line without stepping on it. Allow children to take part in large motor activities such as skipping and hopping, making animal sounds, crawling etc. Children can improve their balance, coordination, and rhythm through dancing and other movement activities like playing “Follow the Leader”. Children can improve small motor skills by learning finger plays and playing musical instruments. Children should be exposed to plays and concerts, so that they can take part in these shows to boost their self confidence.

10. Improves mental, social and emotional health:

Music helps the different parts of our brains to function simultaneously, which is important for children to listen and be able to hear vaguely in the background. Movement and rhythm exercises stimulate the brain in pre-school years which help the children to memorize and remember important information as they

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