Value Of College Experience

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Value of College experiences
Summary: To summarize this section I am going to start off by saying this motivates me more to do well in college and enjoy it. This section is about enjoying your journey college life, but also being responsible also. It’s about making fun out of college the best way you can while you’re on your way to your academic success. The most important thing about college is maintain your grades and your responsibility. You can have fun but remember school is your first priority. Some people say that college is their best experience ever. I know myself that being in college changed me for the better and I am so blessed to be here. College can open a lot of opportunities in your life, making long term friends,
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I would push him to fulfill his destiny. I would have a real talk with them. I would show them that I see good in them and I wouldn’t let them give up. I would be a motivation for him. If they failed I would show them that failure is ok but giving up is not an option. I would set them back on track and be there for them in any way I can. I would help them gain life skills so they would know how to handle things when life gets hard. Failure is a part of life. We all will fail at something eventually. But the real strength and the real passion will come in when you don’t give up. You fall down but you get right back up and keep it moving. Your life will be very …show more content…
Making a goal comes with making very smart decision making, and having good qualities. The best decision is setting a goal and making it reality. There is a step process when it comes to setting goals. The first step is thinking. Thinking can play a very important role in setting a goal because it prepares you, and it kind of motivates you because you’re making a plan for yourself. The second process is analyzing your goal. You got to think how is this goal is going to benefit me? Where is this goal going to lead me to? Is this goal right for me and my family? Whatever goal you make in life it’s better to analyze it so you would have a better understanding with it. The third step is following through and going for it. You already thought about your goal. You already analyzed it and decided that’s what you want to do. Then why not follow your heart and go for it? You would be more proud of yourself knowing that you made a plan and followed through with it. Setting a goal is always a good choice. Just make sure it’s positive and make good

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